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SKILLS Assessment



SKILLS helps you identify occupations that use the skills you like. It also helps you recognize skills that transfer between occupations. You can use SKILLS to select occupations to explore, identify ways to modify your career direction, or prepare for a job interview.

SKILLS is a self-assessment tool. It begins with a skills selection process. You can use the SKILLS Worksheet or Cards to review the list of skills used in SKILLS and select your preferences.

For the best occupational match, select the maximum number of skills for each skill level:

5Very Satisfying Skills
10Moderately Satisfying Skills
20Somewhat Satisfying Skills

SKILLS rates the skills you select in several ways. It lists the Top 30 occupations that best match your skills. It calculates a Holland Personality Type based on your skills. It rates your skills to clusters of occupations. SKILLS also lets you compare your skills to the skills required by any occupation.

NOTE: Your results will be saved automatically when you go to the Summary page. To add personal comments, click on the Save option.

Click on Select Skills to begin.

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